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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trying to set up buttons on my sidebar

Ok - so here I go. 'See if I can get this right. Nope, no buttons, no codes, no telling where the many tries ot get the stuff into picasa and hello went.!

So an hour later I can't get anything on from hello or picasa. I've just confused myself so badly that there might not be eonugh nicotine nad hops in the western hemisphere to get me back on track.

Well, I'll settle for the nicotine - outside for 10 minutes and then give it another go.

I see my spelling has degenerated too!!! :(

Time for a BREAK!!!!!

2nd try :

Do you?

I hope this works but I don't know. I can't save the image to something that my programs recognize. it saves as a GIF and Picasa and Hello don't see it to upload it.

Boy, I'm so bad at this..... My apologies everyone- just what you need - awkward bolg and no knitting or kitties for weeks. :-(

BTW where you see the "Do You?" I copied the code right from the site and that's what I see at least in the preview.


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