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Monday, July 11, 2005

My Weekend Fiber Trip: Tierra Wools, and Taos for Fiber & Burritos

I took Friday the 8th off and went to Taos and Tierra Amarilla with my next door neighbor. She'd been telling me about these glorious burritos that can only be found at Mante's Chow Cart on the way into Taos. I'd been telling her about how I longed to go to Tierra Wools to see the weavers and spinners.

Well, whoo,hoo! It all fell into place to go on Friday. We left the 'Burque at 7:00am armed with coffee and stopped in Santa Fe to get convenience store junk-breakfast. Not wanting to take up burrito room, we opted to pig out sparingly because they were only another hour or so away.

The day couldn't have been more beautiful. We could see blue sky and hazy mountains due to the forest fire east of Taos. We had talked about stopping at the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center but we were so early that we decided to try on the way back.

We got to Taos about 9:00-ish and pulled in to Mante's. (gasp) Only breakfast burritos till 10:30. Ok - so breakfast burritos won't cut it. Has to be lunch.

On to Tierra Amarilla by way of the Tres Piedras road. You go north out of Taos and west across the Rio Grande Gorge.
As you travel past the Gorge, start looking to the right. Out in the distance you'll see Earthships built on the plains into the sides of little hills.

They really are a treat to see out there in the middle of what looks like nothing.

As you go through Tres Piedras, look to the north for the three biggest piles of rocks that account for its name. From there dense meadow and forest makes the ride over the mountain a real pleasure. It's very evident that the last few years have not been good to aspens and pinon trees with the pine bark beetle and whatever is killing the aspens.



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