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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Finished Christmas presents - not fit to send

Here are two wallets I made for Christmas. They were supposed to be felted. What a great idea for men who don't wear hats or ties or anything like that.
Well, look at 'em. What do you see?

I see one that felted but not enough, and I see one that didn't felt at all. So much for using mystery yarn from the stash.
What you can't tell is how long skinny and the darker one is. It's easily 12 -16 inches long. I guess it could be a triple fold or quadruple fold wallet....NOT!!!
I need to wash it again and block it to see if I'll get anything that I can use .

I want to start this by saying I LOVE this pattern. Whatever problem I'm having, it's mine.
I'm a lot farther along in this baby sweater than the picture shows. I'm using TLC Wiggles in baby yellow and white. However -I'm stuck. I divided the stitches for the right front and knitted it- no problem - then I had to rip it back
( not enough stitches- needed 27 only did 23 to start) and do it again. No problem. Did the back according to the directions. No problem. Started the left front -Problem! I'm six stitches off. I have 6 stitches too many. I had the proper number when I started "the Great Divide" for the front. Everything was okay when I shaped the right front and the back. Now I have too many stitches. I'm stuck till I email the designer just to check and make sure I'm reading this correctly. And I was SO close to getting the body finished. Six stitches, no big deal, you say? Well ordinarily, you'd be right. However, this makes the front overlap too much. It's the button side of the front, but the picture shows the buttons on the front band not six stitches in on the sweater body. So what to do? I'm not opposed to ripping it back to the 7.5 inches stage before it's divided and starting over on the fronts, but the yarn is harder to frog than mohair and I don't want it to happen more than one more time.

That's it for now. I have a really busy late day today. Probably no group knitting for me.


Blogger mj keeton said...

Hey Jeannie,
Thanks for checking out my blog. Did you get to knitting on Tuesday? My mom was in town so I didn't make it. Hope you're not ripping your hair out over your wayward projects. See you soon!

8:27 AM  

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