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Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday - Crazy -Busy : FO's & Cats

Here's a finished Mystery Gift.

Another one -small, but heartfelt. Nothing is blocked yet.

This is what I see when I turn my head to look out my window. I sit in the chaise lounge on Saturday mornings, and knit & watch PBS when I'm not teaching. Furball is lying on the back of the chaise and Bear is on the "Cabitat". I don't know where Speedy was when I took this. The kitties alternate between looking out the window and fighting over who's going to sit in my lap.
Every 15 minutes or so, one of them will come and sit on the other one's head -
thereby making the "sit -ee" move off my lap. LOL

I guess that's all for today. More next week.


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