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Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

First off -Everyone, go to Allie's website and take a look at this beautiful girl! 'Way to go Allie!!!!!
Congratulations on graduation and Everything else. It's good to see you smile and foot-boogie. Eye-Heart-U. (Scroll down to last post to learn about Allie and her remarkable Mom and Dad. Her story is touching hearts all over the world.)

I had a productive weekend. Lots of yarn dyed, plied, spun and some knitted.

I really had fun dyeing stuff this weekend. I over-dyed grey with very saturated color -more than I thought. I only diluted them a little once they were mixed. Since I was dyeing grey I didn't know what I'd get.
It's been far too long since I did "art" stuff -color, value, tone, hue and mixing which is different for dye than paint. Blue and yellow don't necessarily give you green in dye pigments.....ask me how I know.
I have to buy more yellow dye real soon -read, tomorrow. I have enough of red and blue to dye everything I have, but not enough yellow to mix with it. My fire red turned into this viscous goo that needs heating and shaking every time I want to use it. The blue is just fine and so is the yellow. But I sure used a lot of yellow.

I got the baby hat cast on for the Daisy sweater and the buttons sewed on the sweater. They are cute as can be... picture to follow- on Thursday or so. I'm taking Tue. & Wed. off to prep for the Folk Music Festival.


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