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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Socks Update and Learning Curve

Diagonal Rib Socks in Paradise Fibers 50-50 silk & alpaca.

I have the heels on the first pair of socks turned and I'm starting the home stretch. These socks are for a friend.
I have learned so much doing them. I had to figure out more than I bargained for:
the pattern is for an average women's foot and the socks have to be larger than that. I've done More MATH this last week than I've done in a year. When I do the next pair I'll have the notes to make it easier.
I had the heels turned the week before last, actually. I had one of my knitting group whose feet are close to the same size, try them on for reference. OMG! They were too big. I had to frog about 2 1/2" and do them over. That set me back yet another week.
Something else happened with them this morning. See, I"m doing these toe-up. If you google the pattern it's cuff down. So I'm to a place where I can knit in pattern all the way around the leg. No the stitch count is off. I'll fiddle with it tonight and that's all the time I'll take. Other than that, it'll be ribbing around the back and pattern on the front where it shows.
Deadlines in knitting: I need to NOT give them. I really have learned about myself -I don't do knitting deadlines well. Even the most interesting pattern gets boring to me after awhile. I need the leeway to put one project down and work on another one.
I am definitely a process knitter -not a project knitter. That's not to say I don't finish anything - I do. I can see that when I gather FO's to show my classes.But WIP's are much more likely to be lying around my apartment waiting to be worked on for a bit.

My classes start this Saturday. I got all the supplies in and will put them together tonight. I put together "kits" for each new knitter. That way everyone had the same start and doesn't Have to spend anything extra till they're ready. They also don't start out with Homespun or fun fur or black yarn -my personal 3 big challenges. :-)
So that's it for now.
Check me out on Ravelry -I'm just getting started on putting up my stuff.
Thanks, you know who you are, for finding me and adding me to your friends list. I added you to mine today.
More soon.
Happy Knitting.


Blogger Ken said...

You say "check me out at Ravelry." I went there, but don't know how to search for you. Can you give a link?

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