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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 Resolutions and FO's from Christmas

Repeated from my comment to Lime'nViolet's Daily Chum today:

"Happy New Year! Knitting Resolutions -
1 - Organize my stash more: I teach5 classes per semester, spin, and knit with several groups. I start out well organized until my classes start and then yarn and patterns and stuff end up everywhere. I work full-time and teach knitting and crochet on Saturdays, socks on Wednesday nights. I have 2 closets in my room and one is more than full of fibery stuff. Some of my stash is more than 10 years old! Time to knit or give it away.
2- Finish some of my 12+ UFO's. That rug yarn scarf from the 70's (gasp!!!) needs to be finished and worn or begone.
3- Teach at least one workshop for a conference, fiber festival, or "event" in the US this year.
4- Save up for a Robin wheel.
5- Start planning and saving to attend Stitches West, Estes Park, and or Rheinebeck in 2009.
6- Get my Ravelry space up and running. Addendum: January 17th, 2008, I got my Ravelry account going. Yay! My name is JeannieF so look for me. Hooray!
That's enough for now. (Oh, my gosh...)
Oops -one more:
Knit up the 12 pairs of socks I have waiting in the sock yarn stash. "

So here's one of the rugs I made over the holiday season. It's crocheted in a waffle stitch. What a great stitch. I taught myself to crochet with a pattern 25+ years ago using that stitch. It's just double crochet and post double crochet. That's it. It looks so complex but it's soooo easy. I redesigned the shape of the rug this time, a triangular shape instead of rectangular, and left off the fringe. I rushed the photos so you can't see then detail very well - sorry. I have another one coming up in the next post or so that will be better.
It went to my boss who lay it beside his bed so he has something "cushy" under his feet while he puts his shoes on in the morning.
He said he took the rug home, put it by the bed and it's just right. He went in the other room and when he came in to do something later, his daughter's little wiener (sp?) dog was lying on his back on the rug! 'Guess he'll have to share it now.

I have two scarves I'm crocheting but thy're not ready to photograph quite yet.

Oh, man! I just realized I said nothing in my resolutions about crocheted UFO's etc.
I think the same thoughts and intentions can apply. I must say as I think on it I only have 3 crochet UFO's. A hat with a boyfriend curse, a wrap that I probably will frog ('cause it ain't that cute), and the last of 3 rugs I made for Christmas.

My spinning resolutions -ah, yes - spin all of my roving up and work on plying, more even singles, and spinning sock yarn.

Ok - I'm done for today. I'm tired just reading these resolutions. Ha, ha.

Happy New Year and HAPPY KNITTING everyone.


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