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Friday, February 06, 2009

Pictures from East Mountain Farm & Fiber Tour

Now I know these are so late going up. However, since our consciousnesses have been focused on being "frugal" lately, I thought this would be something you could all drool over and enjoy without spending any money.

I won the Door Prize Basket! Wow, it is fabulous!

So the following pictures are closeups of what's in here. Most of these places are in Edgewood
or close around there.

A sweet Alpaca bear from Natural Fiber Creations -Enchanted Sky Alpacas.

A wonderful basket - the kitties Had to inspect it.

Beautiful, yummy camel down from Bev & Bill's Camel-Lot Ranch in Sandia Park, NM.

Wonderful Goodies from The Cutting Edge salon.

More pictures in the next post.


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