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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

Today is the day I try to do all the home chores that fall away when I teach. When my classes are in session I expend a lot of energy for teaching what I love.When I come home and am faced with never ending picking up and vacuuming and laundry - hauled to another destination and hours spent waiting for dryers that don't de-fuzz- I just Don't have the oomph to do it on Saturdays.

This morning I woke up at a glorious 9:00 am! I don't know the last time I actually slept so late.
My usual time is 5am. :0)

The plan for today is to switch the living room around and vacuum mightily. then start to get my room organized so that this week I can get my stash under control and all put away. As that is happening, I need to cook for the week if I'm going to take lunches to work and have easy dinners when I get home.

I'm acquiring a loom this next weekend and need to make room for it and my Total Gym (yes, I have one and I really like using it.). The TG has had an extended stay in my son's apartment and now it's time to bring it home.

I have noticed a marked lack of strength and energy that I can directly attribute to a lack of exercise and sedentary work environment. When I'm actually doing my work it's very physical involving carrying heavy equipment and standing for hours shooting video, but in between, there is so much time just sitting whether I'm researching or writing or whatever, that it's taking a toll.

We all know what we're supposed to do - eat sensibly, get exercise, drink more fluids, sleep on a schedule. What we give up on so often is the effort it takes to get back to a balance. We forget how much better we will feel if we just DO It.

So today, I going to JUST DO IT. The end for now.
Have a great day, week etc. Happy Knitting.


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