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Friday, March 11, 2005

Finally Friday!

The sleeves on my sweater are coming along. I had to do the increases twice because I was too tired the first time. I wanted to get far enough to put it on the circular needle before the end of the class here in town, but that probably won't happen.

I'm starting the heel shaping of my first sock. I think I was tired last night because I'm not sure it's right. I may have to rip it back today and do it again. I'll try to get a pic up today.

Tomorrow is my last knitting class at Continuing Education, but the group is looking into staying together and meeting indefinitely. It would be great. I have missed that.

One of the reasons I posted pics of family is so that I can justify all the knitting and crocheting I get to do for people now.... I have 10 brothers and sisters, and 80(?+) nieces and nephews to make things for. And Mama who Loves hats.

I'm so glad to find all of my brothers and sisters and Mama, after all these years. (Actually, they found me and my TB.)

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone.


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