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Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday update

Today I'm concentrating on getting some Easter Bunny Baskets made for clients. I crochet them and put them together. I had my XH and DS punching holes in juice bottles all day yesterday. It turns out that's the hardest part for anyone -hole punches just aren't as heavy duty as they used to be!

I'll post a picture later this week.

I finished the front to my sweater and started on the sleeves. I'm knitting them on the same needle so my tension is consistent. I made the back 17" long when it called for 27" (measured from the underarm). When I held a tape measure up at 27 " from the ua, it hit me almost at the knee.

I found the pattern on the Lion Brand website and it shows a Guy wearing it. No wonder it's so long. I measure about 15" from the base of the neck to the waist so I made the back of the sweater 17." The front called for 2" shorter then the back. The shoulder shaping and underarm stuff still has to happen so I think I'm ok. I can either rip it out and add on if it doesn't fit or give it to someone who can wear it.

Here are two of my groups: I hope I do this right.


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