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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hat - go figure?

This morning's Lime 'n Violet had a Chain Letters column about the "go figure" objects in your life. Dawn's is a hat that any one of us, had we made it, would think, "that thing?!" I have one too. I made this hat for my daughter YEARS ago -11years or more- and I wash and dry it in the machine whenever. It's not my favorite -it's made from Jiffy for goodness sake. It used to be fuzzy -not any more.
I get compliments on it all the time. No, DD never wore it -way too big. So I wear it all winter and this year "lined" it with an eye-watering neon orange (safety orange) hat and my alpaca Panta headband. I know I look like a doofus, but my ears are warm.
The pink variegated hat in the pic below is the one I'm talking about. This picture is several years old. The hat looks rattier now. LOL


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