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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday -all day.

I'm off to my knitting class group in a few minutes. We are meeting in a coffe shop since the class was formally over last Saturday.

I finally found the mistake in my sock and why the heel turning was crooked.!!! I had been looking for my knitting books that had glossaries in them so I could look up the sts I didn't understand, but I haven't been able to find them. I went to the LYS and was looking through a book there. BINGO! There was the info I needed.

My heel is turned and I'm working on the gussett. That was weird because I didn't have as many sts to pick up as it called for. I just picked up some extra loops so there are no holes. I lost a plastic needle so I'm having to use some of my mothers' old metal needles. It's interesting switching back and forth.

I'm almost done with the increases for the sleeves on my sweater. Then knit in pattern for however long the sleeves need to be. Yay! The end is getting closer.

Aren't we funny - knitters, I mean. I'm already getting psyched about my next projects - socks and a shawl of lace weight yarn. CAN'T WAIT. More Later.


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