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Monday, March 21, 2005

Sleeves by inches...

This weekend I got a lot done on my green sweater sleeves and my magic stripe sock.

The sleeves are ready to knit in pattern till the right length and bind off. By the weekend I hope and more progress to be made if I go to another knitting group I found this weekend. They meet tomorrow night close to my work. A good way to ;) ;) unwind after work!!!

I got through the first sock gussett as well - it's full of mistakes. I don't know if I'm going to rip it out and do it over: I found myself not keeping track of which rows needed decreases and which rows were plain knit.

I also started the swatch for my shawl. My biggest thing is deciding what pattern. I'm going to try a Faroese Litla Dimun from Folk Shawls. The swatch is out of some yarn the same weight that I found (!) at the thrift store this weekend.

The big challenge is that I want to do this project knitting continental left- handed carry. I'm left handed but knit right-handed since my teacher in Ireland only showed me that way. I taught myself to crochet left handed 20+ years ago. I'm going to learn right handed becasue I want to teach a class this fall and crocheting is awkward enough for newbies without having to mirror the teacher instead of follow.

The shawl will be out of this wonderful turquoise Jade Sapphire yarn, wool/cashmere.


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