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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Day to Blog -Amazing! Finished Objects.


So I've been busier than I think. I took pics of all the stuff I've finished, and begun and completed since the State Fair. This first picture is of the Cutie Patootie sweater I made.
[ - 20k] Started about the 30th of September and totally finished this weekend the 9th of October. FAR TOO LONG! I would have finished really fast, but sewing it together was the pits! I grafted the shoulders and matress stitched(I think) the side seams. I'm really happy with the sides, but the sleeve seams - aghhh!- I must've done them 3 or 4 times. They just did NOT look good. I ended up just sewing them any which way. They're lumpy and not very great. I suppose no one else will care -eventually.
The other thing is that the trim, while really "Cute" makes the edges curl up and not lie flat. I don't suppose it'll make any difference once it's on a baby and once it's washed a few times. :)
I made an Umbilical Cord Hat and One-Hour baby booties (from Stitch 'n Bitch) to go with it. I'll to make the CP hat sometime and see how I like it.
This will be a donation item.

This is my first attempt at short rows - a "Multi-Directional Scarf" [ - 7k] This pic is not very well done- I didn't see how well the reds blended in to the carpet in the view finder. (Oops.) This is for my son - no particular reason, other than I haven't finished his socks that I started - I can't remember when, and got lost on the toe short rows-I'm that close to finishing.
This is two partial skeins of Noro and Lamb's Pride from the yarn swap. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's very soft and fluffy and he likes it.

This is one of my favorite projects this fall. It's called What Is It? scarf. It's scarf, capelet, muffler, etc. I really like it. I made it with Paton's "Be Mine" yarn. I wish they had more colors. Right now it's just baby pastels, but other colors would be great -all nylon and washable and soft, soft. This is a Christmas gift. So no more info. :)

In fact, I liked this pattern so much, I wanted to make myself one out of another kind of yarn. I found some cool yarn at Joann's-their own brand of nylon-mohair-like stuff. I wish I could remember the name - I'll add it later. I thought, "I'd like this capelet to hang longer over my shoulders and maybe cover my elbows and be kind of "three quarter length" like 3/4 sleeves if you can picture that. I also liked three colors instead of two the pattern called for. It worked out on the first one I made, so why not?

You can't tell here but it turned out awful. It's a nylon thermal blanket gone amok. It's too long, too ruffley, too everything. There must be more than 500 stitches on the bind-off row. It looks like the bottom of a Flamenco skirt and it's jumbo long width wise. It doesn't hang down to my elbows.
It will be frogged and divided in to other things this week. I have six balls of this yarn - that's maybe two or three scarves. (Whimper)

I'm very pleased with this scarf. The Irish Hiking Scarf ( is another Chrismas present. This knit up fast considering it has cables. I don't think it took more than 3 weeks- keep in mind that I do 4 or more projects at the same time. This is made with Cestara yarn, wool and yak (the warmest fiber, the most expensive even more than cashmere). Great pattern- masculine and classy.


Blogger Jenny said...

The Hiking Scarf looks amazing- nice work! You've been as busy as I have!

4:07 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Ditto for the scarf: very manly. I'm sure it will be loved!!

7:03 AM  

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