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Monday, November 21, 2005

A New Week and Sad News

It's a new week and I'm starting out by posting right away.

I got some sad news Friday. My Aunt Dorothy, my mother's sister-in-law died on November 11th. I think she is the last of my folk's immediate family. I don't know but what my Aunt Mary Ellen is still alive in ----, but she's been unhappy with me since my Uncle John died. The one time I called, she didn't want to talk to me. When my mom died, my father forgot to list them as surviving family and then blamed it on me (to them). They haven't been happy with me since. I'm sure when John died Mary Ellen was devastated. I was still not functioning from my dad's dying and I was not very communicative.

In the meantime, I have orders for Christmas that I'm knitting busily. Scarves, baby hats, and I may have time to do slippers too. I hope.
I'll post pictures when I get things finished -so far I got the main part of one scarf done . I'll knit this weekend after I get everything organized. That's it for now.


Blogger littlehedgehog said...

I'm sorry about your aunt. And the family rift. Those always make things harder. Hope to see you soon. Take care!

5:57 PM  

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