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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On the Needles & Still on the needles

Lion Brand Baby Sweater knit in one piece for a baby born in my apartment complex. I like this pattern but I had to frog back to the cuff cast on because I only cast on four sts on each side instead of eight. {grinding my teeth in frustration}

The back of the Shawl collared sweater-jacket pattern from 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Beginning Knitter (or close to that title) from Aran weight Katmandu color 113, wool, silk and cashmere. It's supposed to be 25 inches long before I shape the shoulders. I'm not progressing very fast.

This is a Kombu scarf pattern that I started and then for some reason, took off the needles. I didn't however, rip it out. I had a skein of Cestara wool that I split in two for some me now. So when I got one repeat done on the pattern, I decided based on looking at the half skein I was using, that I didn't have enough to make the scarf long enough. I think I also decided it was too rough for a scarf. I'm going to finish it up and use fabric softener in the final rinse and see how it is then.

The yarn was a bargain and I'm sorry that I didn't buy more of it when I could. It's by the same company that the wool/yak scarf is and there were lots of skeins of yak & wool in not so great colors, but now I want "manly" (read dull, not pretty) colors. It was on sale at the high end LYS for $8.00 a skein and the Irish Hiking Scarf was one skein! I actually got a discount on those two skeins because they were marked down more the day I bought them. :)

I've made progress on the Paisley Shawl from IK. S & I started it this summer as a co-knitting project. She got a big headstart because she managed to get DPN's that didn't fall out and she didn't have to limit her knitting time to evenings like I did. :)

13 cast ons or so later (actually, I lost count) and bamboo DPN's and I was off and knitting sloooowly.

I'm now finished with my second repeat of the eyelet pattern. Only 11 repeats to go till the paisley border. LOL
As soon as I put in the lifeline, I can start the 3rd repeat.


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