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Friday, July 28, 2006

An Evening With Stephanie-Pearl McPhee

Last night the Yarn Harlot was in Albuquerque. I got to go with a lot of my knitting friends.

I tried really hard not to gush like a groupie, but I don't know if I succeeded. I remember reading her blog about gushing over her idols at the big conventions, so I wanted to be just a normal person and Not a doofus. It was Sooo exciting to see her and chat for a minute, I don't know if I gushed or not. !

She talked about her husband's social parties are uncomfortable for her when people find out she knits. These days I'd a a whole lot rather be in a quiet corner knitting with her any time, rather than "mingling".

She talked about feeling shy so much of the time, but my impression was that she wasn't shy with us. - She was with knitters, mothers, like-minded women and men bound together by string and sticks. We all love knitting and find it "fun and interesting."

Thank You, Stephanie, for a lovely evening. Please come back again, any time. We can sit, knit, drink coffee, knit, eat dinner, knit, drink beer, knit...sleep. Knit, talk , knit.

The other thrill of the evening for me was recognizing and meeting Adam from
adam knits (alot!). I've enjoyed reading his blog over the last few months and am delighted to see him in town starting grad school.

While I forgot my camera and have no pictures from last night, if you go to the blog
a Woman Obsessed, she got a great picture with Stephanie and The Sock (s). 'Way to go, Jenny!
Well that's it for today. My last crochet class is tomorrow, and I'm carding roving all day Sunday - my share of the 10 lbs of camel from the zoo, and the roving to blend with it and like that...

The baby sweater and hat and booties are due by next Friday so I'll be posting pics of them next week. The Mystery Stole 2 is at a stand still till after that, and the toe-up-two-socks-2-circs are waiting to be cast off.

Okay - back to work. I'm getting my workout this week- we're pulling all the wires from the old video machines here in the studio and I'm pulling the wires and crawling under the floor in the 30 year tangle of video and audio cables. Hey - I'm a knitter- I can untangle yarn, right? I should be able to untangle cables... Well they're a lot heavier than yarn! Under the floor, under the racks, up out of the floor, up to the patch panels, back under the floor.
Whew, I'll be in good shape by the time we're done. :0)


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