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Thursday, July 06, 2006

So, What's Next? You guessed it. Lace.

Last week or so -BEFORE I even thought I would finish my shawl I joined the Mystery Stole 2 KAL.

Ok, ok, I'm nuts -I know - I have to live with me. :0)

So the first part is knitting a swatch and getting ready for the first part of the pattern.

This is Jade Sapphire yarn that I bought at least 2 years ago at the LYS. It is rumoured to have some cashmere in it. Unless I can find someone who can read Chinese with a microscope, I'll never know. But if I remember correctly, it was $8.00 a ball,
and 62.5 gm (which is the only thing I can really read on the label). It's a guess that there are 800 yds/ball. I have 2 balls and that's what I'm using for this KAL.

I'm going to use 2 size 4 circular needles so I can knit both sides of the Stole at once. I want to knit it a little more tightly than the swatch. I'll have to watch my yarn-overs carefully. And if we don't get instructions about the edges, I think I'll try to do seed stitch so the edge doesn't roll. Feedback if that won't work, please. Thank you.
Here are pictures of the rest of my lace weight stash.

The first two pictures are mystery yarns ( a bit heavier than cobweb with some silk content) from the "famous" weaver's estate sale two years ago. The weaver had at least two rooms of yarns and fibers. We all spent too much at that sale. ;o
The left hand picture is the cone from which wound off the balls in front. It's light blue with slubs of darker blue silk.
The right hand picture has some mystery dark skein of wool and who knows. The right hand (lighter) ball is Japanese silk (that's what the label said. :0) )

The third picture is what I believe to be warp yarn from the same place- it has mohair in it and I think will soften and fluff out with washing. I haven't decided whether to knit something first and then dye it or paint it, or dye the yarn first. I'm such a waffle.

The last pictures are just all of it laid out. Merino lace in 2 blues and the ball of white is also merino - cobweb weight.


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