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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pictures? Did I Promise Pictures and Stories?

Yes, I did. But I didn't bring the stupid card, so stories without pics -don't think so.! So I'll bring it tomorrow and get them posted. Sorry!

I'm wearing my Criss Cross Socks today. They feel great. It's so nice to wear new socks.

I'm going back to the Mountain Tango socks on 2 circs this weekend and get the heels in - somehow. I don't know , maybe I Will use the afterthought heel.

My Paisley Shawl from IK is on row 8 of the last 20 rows. It's taking so long in each quarter.... Almost done, almost done. That's the Mantra for this next few weeks.

It's the 15th of June and I haven't even started a blue project for Project Spectrum..... I'll put that on the weekend list too.

Friday (payday) I have to take DS and buy him black slacks, and black leather shoes, maybe. He has to have them for his trip.

This Saturday is way busy already:
The Albuquerque Folk Festival is this coming weekend: Saturday and Sunday all day. The Dropped Stitch Knitters have been invited to demo at the event. I'm going about 10:30 ish and knitting till 1 or so , then I'll go to Napoli and knit. Maybe back to the Folk Festival if need be.

Sunday is the usual laundry, cooking, cleaning if I don't poop out.

My son is going to Kansas City with the Skills USA team from his school to compete in the National Competition -a week long event. His plane leaves around 10 on Monday and he comes home Saturday or Sunday week.

I have to help him get packed and ready too. So all his laundry needs etc. will be done on Sunday. I'm tired already. :0[


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