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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm Done!!! Marathon - not Olympics. Sonnet is complete.

I have to buy another cone of this yarn. I don't have enough for the sleeves.......
I bought another cone of the Peppercorn Ombre (dishcloth cotton). I couldn't match dye lots but all the people who've seen it haven't noticed. Can you see it in the finished pictures?

Home stretch - left front to go, then the sleeves.

YAY! Done. It fits nicely and I'm happy.

I hit the black hole of the last half of the sleeves while I was on vacation. I was in such a hurry to get them done, for every 10 rows I had to rip out 3 because I'd miss the increase row. Man! It took me 3 days!

I wasn't happy Sunday after it took all day to sew on the buttons- I'll be doing something different like doubled buttons so the yarn doesn't pull out of the piece so much. When I tried it on, the front dipped way too low, the shoulders practically fell off mine, and the sleeves were a long stretch(a thing of beauty if you're Ally McBeal).
I crocheted 2 rows of single crochet around the whole sweater and added a 3rd row of sc around the neck. It still feels like it's going to slide off my shoulders but it's much better. I'm just not used to such an open neckline.
I threw the whole thing in a sink of cold water and into the dryer. I about died when I went to put it in the dryer- it stretched out about 4 ft.! 1 whole dryer cycle wasn't enough. Yesterday morning I threw it back in the dryer on hot -it was still pretty damp.
Success - it's the right length, the sleeves are at my wrists - not my fingertips, and the neck is good.
I've gotten lots of compliments and Now, I'm happy.
I know I can wash this (in a front loading washer) and dry it easily.
Total cost: about $15.00 for the yarn. Buttons about $3.50. More buttons for the backing of original buttons... don't know yet.


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