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Monday, May 22, 2006

So Busy! Finally Updating.

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long! Things have been really busy.

The trip to Sedona happened. I had a great time. My friend's schedule is SO different from mine. She's used to staying up half or all night and I'm sleepy and ready for bed by nine. I hope she wasn't bored.

We took the train to Flagstaff and got in late. No rental car awaited, but we got one anyway. If you're ever in Flagstaff at midnight on a Firday, the woman at HERTZ Rental Cars is very cool. She accomodated us no problem. The competition lost out even though my friend had reserved a car through them.

We got to Bell Rock about 1:30 or 2 in the morning. We had to stop and see if we could find our way on to the rock right then. We gave up the wandering around in the dark because it was too cloudy even though the moon was full. We could hear other people up there but I just wasn't very willing to take a wrong step in the dark. I know it's stupid, but I've been afraid of the dark almost as long as I can remember. It's just an unreasoning, blind panic thing and I'm not ok with it, but not ready to figure it out yet.

So, we got to our motel -The View- in Cottonwood about 3 a.m. It was a nice room close to the pool and the office. Complimentary coffee in the morning - good coffee, too, not old, weak or flat.

The VIEW from the motel is spectacular. If you want a moderate place to stay with a Million dollar view, stay here. Once the owner dies, it will be sold at some ridiculous price and a big chain will put up a $200.00+ a night hotel and spa that only the very wealthy can afford.(Cynical? Yes! True? YES!)

I got to Red Rock Knit Shop. It's open and very NICE! It has a really pleasant work room at the rear of the shop. What a comfortable place to meet and knit. My friend found a gorgeous poncho that had been designed & knit by the owner. If you get a chance, drop by this shop.

That's all for now. More Tues, May 30.


Blogger meg said...

I can't wait to see what you design for your friend! Are you bringing the yarn to KN?

3:42 PM  

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