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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello! From Crookston, MN - Pictures!

Since my last post things happened pretty fast. My knitting friends and a co-worker rallied round and helped me get to Crookston to see my dangerously ill mother.
Between Tuesday morning and after work, I had tickets, cab fare, and an itinerary for flying to Minnesota.
I threw some clothes in a suitcase and filled the rest of the space with knitting. (It's all bout the knitting, you know.)

Here is Mom in her ICU room. Her color has gone from gray on Monday to almost normal by Wednesday evening.
One of the bigger concerns the doctor has is a resistant staph infection in Mom's lungs. There is no garuntee that this infection can be cleared up. However, there's an expectation of sending her back to the nursing home today. I'm not sure about that logic, but ...

These are pictures of my twin brother - his Stilt Band.......

Two portraits.

Three of my sisters: top : Frances, Doris
bottom, L to R: Me and Martha
Taken at dusk on Doris's back deck.


Blogger Skye said...

Did Joey make it see Mom? Inquiring minds want to know. *wink*

1:14 PM  

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