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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

An Early Gift

The bag was beautiful by itself. She dyed the yarn with kool-aid and only the wool content took the color. Really nice for decorating. I never know what to do with bags. But inside.........
Thank you, Thank you, Noelle!

You really cheered me up! I can't WAIT to start "My So-Called Scarf." This yarn is going to be beautiful to work with. Sadly, I have to delay gratification till I finish 2 more scarves. But THIS WEEKEND, WATCH OUT!

I'll be videotaping houses, Christmas Shopping and Knitting!!!!!!

Do I have enough !!!!'s?

I cast on one scarf last night and will probably finish it today. That leaves one for tomorrow. And then the flowers hah, hah.

I just caught a glimpse of a cute hat on a girl on a Capital One commercial. I'll have to watch and see if I can see it better.

I haven't worked on a hat in Months. Hmmm.

That's it for now. Knit Group tonight. YaY!


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