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Friday, March 17, 2006

Finished Object (s)

So Friday again -thank goodness.

I have a few things to show and one thing to talk about.
Here is the tapestry crochet bag that I started to show my beginning crochet class in January (I think) or maybe I started it last fall for that session. It's a nice project to get used to carrying one thread along while crocheting with the other thread. It also had both charted and written instructions. I hadn't read more than one or two charts before, so I picked this for the instructions. I found that after the first few rows of pattern I was referring to the chart more and more.
It was difficult to do in the black -I just Can't see it at night anymore. I'd like to do another one in brown and a nice contrast, or maybe red and what for contrast? What would it take to dye Luster Sheen? Hmmm.
So because of not seeing the stitches well my stitch count got off occasionally. I guess the true mark of experience is to know how to fix that without ripping it back 20 rows :0[.
Also, I think I might use a smaller hook and perhaps not crochet so tightly. I had a little puckering to adjust before I started both strands together in the strap.

I used two colors of Luster Sheen, 1.75 oz.- 50 gm, Black and Bluette.
The pattern: Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag Designer: Carol Ventura© CP-0243
from the Crochet Partners' Pattern Library.

I shortened the strap by half because I thought I might run out of thread. I like it fine this way - it's just right to hang on your wrist.
I made it for small projects like socks and scarves, but when my daughter saw it, she said, "Oh, MOM! You are So totally giving that to me!"
She liked it! She actually liked it! Finally, something I made that she likes.

I So totally gave it to her. ; )

Okay -on to the next things- I crocheted some little things for my first intermediate crochet class.

I found this in an old, old book from a thrift store. It's an oven mitt pattern that calls for strips of fabric and a J hook. Well I used the familiar dishcloth cotton leftover from my sweater and a G hook. It didn't take an hour which was Great. However, I don't know as I'd want to take a hot casserole dish out of the oven with just this. Too much air space and not enough material. It went over well with my delighted class and we all brainstormed about how it could work with the cotton. I'm goingto try one tonight with double strand cotton and a G hook or bigger if I need to and see if I can get a more dense mitt. The one in the picture is fine for pulling the rack out on the toaster oven, or grabbing your hot coffee cup out of the microwave.
My students liked it anyway and learned how to crochet in the round, leave an opening for the thumb and still do the top part in the round, and then go back and put in the thumb. The wrist edge was done in reverse SC so they learned that too.

There is a size issue with this though, check out the picture.

This mitt fits my hand - not the smallest hand in the world, but small - medium size rubber gloves are too big, so you get the idea.

Which leads me to the baby bootie.

This pattern is for a 6 month old. Yeah, if you're Shaq! It's as long as my hand.
It was a pattern shared by a student in my last beginning crochet class from a kit she bought. The yarn called for is a fluffy bulky cotton chenille but I used Joann's Bliss yarn -fuzzy bulky nylon stuff. You can see it in a previous post Oct. 18 2005.
The booties are cute - no arguement there - just huge. :-0 It may not get a mate. :)


I'm done with the body of the 2nd sock the Crochet Socks CAL. Here's the first one.

I just have to put the heel in. This time I have directions and will follow those. I also didn't make the sock so long that it'll wadge when the heel goes in. But this time I don't like the toe. It's not nearly as nice as the 1st one, darn it. I really don't want to take the 1st one apart to fix the length because this yarn is so "grabby" it's harder to frog than mohair. I have to tug pretty hard and I'm afraid I'll break the strand. I'll post pics of both socks next week. Maybe I'll just leave them and forget about it for a while. There's nothing wrong with jumping right in to making another pair. Right? except.................................


Blogger meg said...


I like:

Brown - Pink
Brown - Blue
Red - Blue
Red - Pink (more punk rock)

10:50 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

WOW- you've been BUSY! love the sonnet- it looks great!

i second all of meg's ideas (including the no yarn buying thingie), but also like the idea of red and brown...

see you tomorrow night!

10:07 AM  
Blogger jeannie said...

Sigh, ......ok, no yarn buying. Yet.

10:15 AM  

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