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Friday, March 31, 2006

last Day of March. Spectrum goals -check.

For Project Spectrum in addition to finishing Joel's socks, I had in mind casting on the sweater out of Pima Silk that I bought last year. It's Cascade Pima Silk in Color 5140 a dark Rosy kind of Hot Pink.I was going to knit Sonnet from, but changed my mind after finishing one in cotton. I'm So done with garter stitch and box stitch for now. :)
I cast on a couple of days ago on the back. Got about 4 inches done -love that 20 minutes each way bus ride to and from work- and then last night, I realized that I Really wanted to do it in the round! Rats! So frogging I went, and cast on again. From 76 sts to 152 and in the round I go.

My So Called Scarf is my other March Project Spectrum accomplishment. I had started this right after my Knitters not Quitters! Christmas party. I couldn't get the pattern right and had to finish Presents so I put it down till now. Iv'e got quite a ways to go, but I'm off to a great start. Yay.

Tomorrow is the 5th class of Intermediate Crochet. One more after that. I think I want to teach them post double crochet and maybe some shells and popcorns, or bobbles. Then we'll spend the rest of the time on their chosen patterns.

I've really had a great time with this class. I'll miss them. I hope they'll join one of the groups I go to.
Ooo, gotta run for today. Happy end of March!


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