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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brioche stitch gone wonky.

badly shot, badly knit Brioche stitch Posted by Picasa
This was cast on about 2 AM in the ER at Women's Hospital on Monday night. My son went to a concert and got 'moshed' but good in the mosh pit. His eyebrow was laid open and we "Thought" it needed stitches. We waited till 4:30 and left after the medical staff took my son's blood pressure 5 times in four hours, but didn't stitch him up.
By 5:30 I had cleaned him up and butterfly-ed his eyebrow AT HOME. The family doctor said I did a great job and don't touch it -it was as good as anything they'd have done. NO stitches.
The rest was badly knit at group last night- after talking about doing brioche in the round, I didn't do a very good job ;). I think I was tired.


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