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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I confess, I bought yarn!!!!! Bad Dieter- No Chocolate!

A yarn "snack" - I fell off the no-yarn-diet-wagon! Posted by Picasa

I've been SSSOOOOOO good. I have resisted Herrschners truckload blowout sales on the net and in the catalog: 2lb. cones of acrylic yarn , 1600 yards per cone, $9.97 on sale. (picture me, JONES-ING BIG TIME) I've resisted all thoughts of buying on sale nice wool yarn for the Follow the Leader Aran Knit-Along - I'll just use up my stash. BUT NOOOOOOOOO, do I have enough of anything to use for it? Not. even. Close.
So off to Hobby Lobby after Wal-mart doesn't have Red Heart Giant Pounder's in any color. I was determined I would buy the least expensive I could get to make this first Aran sweater -you know how it is- what if I hate It? what If I don't want to make the sweater after the swatch? What if I never finish iT? BLah, bla-blah, bla-blah......No - buying - alpaca till I KNOW I'm going to like it.
So Hobby Lobby, run in to one of my students who says RH Super Saver skeins are ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!(gasp) for $1.88 each. And Sugar'n Cream for .99 per ball in new cool colors and Allure(which I'm collecting a skein at a time to make the 7 ball Shawl in the freebie pattern) for $1.99.
Can't ................



As Jenny and Meg said, "It's only a snack - it's not a whole week of ice cream (or something to that effect....) and it's not Nice wool, it's acrylic so it doesn't count!" :-O
The cotton manufacturers have really gotten on the color bandwagon. Every time I look, there are more pretty colors than before. Yahoo, keep them coming.

MY CONFESSION: I bought 6 skeins of Red Heart, 1 ball of Allure, and this Sugar'n Cream in Country Brown Ombre. For under $15.00.


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