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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another Panta Done.

I finished another Panta headband Thursday. I gave it to the lady Friday before I even thought about taking a picture of it. I looked for a picture of starting it, but I think DD deleted it.

So on to the baby sweater that I've been fretting over since the stitch count is off. I'll rip the back and maybe the left front out and start again. I'll just decrease however many stitches I need to to make it come out right.

I'm also working on the pink silk and cotton sweater I started for last summer.

I got a treat from one of my crochet students on Saturday:
3+ pounds of alpaca fiber from one of her professor's alpacas. This guy just raises them and didn't know what to do with what he shears. My student asked me if I wanted it - uh, YEAH!!!!! As much as he wants to get rid of. Any time - I'll take it all. I can't bear the thought of it being thrown away.

So, now what to do with this loooooovely fiber.... I'm thinking I want to blend it with wool or silk. I think I want to dye or find a similar cinnamon-y color to the alpaca. It's just so beautiful. I looked at silk roving on the net the other day and the apricot, cinnamon color is so pretty, it would be nice if it would blend well. That means I have to rent a carder - no problem. I wish I could get a sample of silks to try with the alpaca.

NOW- Does this count as a not-buy-anything-on-the-pledge violation - since it was "A GIFT?" And I need something to go with the alpaca to spin it for yarn that won't be too hot for a sweater, right?

I'm spinning up roving as much as I'm finishing knitting and crocheting projects..... so,can I get roving for my alpaca, can I, huh, huh? Can I?