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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Flurry of Finished Fiber

So -I haven't been to knitting groups or anywhere other than Taos for weeks. I have, however, been knitting and crocheting.

Here are all the things I've finished except a light sage colored rug for a wedding present. I'll get that picture this weekend.

Hat w/attached scarf for Seattle charity. Hat for DD's schoolmate minus braids on top and earflaps. It's done and ready for pick-up.

Sirocco coral cotton-linen towel/dresser scarf and crocheted hat (DD and Furball modelling) for Sarah-on-the-bus.

In the meantime here's a wedding present rug I made 'way back. I used navy because that's what I had and the recipient Loved it. The sage one is just like it but I used a smaller hook so it's a little more dense and smaller circumference -3 ft., instead of more.