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Friday, July 18, 2008

Typical Crafting Companion

This is the picture I put up on Ravelry. This is a common seating arrangement for any of my three cats while I'm knitting or crocheting. I just like it. :0)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long overdue update.

My son is home. He did not complete boot camp. He got pneumonia and got better for awhile. He was transferred to a new unit and relapsed when his medication didn't follow him.
So he's home and getting on with his life. I'm still proud of him as ever and that will always be.

So for other news: It's been too long but I attended the East Mountain Fiber Studio and Farm Tour in June. Four of us went together and had the Best time! Of course, I always have fun, but the company made it even better this time.

Here's the link for a past article about the tour and a partial list of participants. My group went to every one except the chicken and other exotic birds ranch. From what I heard later, we really missed a treat. Live and learn, and go next year!

So the tradition is when you go out to Edgewood, you stop at Good Fibrations yarn shop first to see Beth's wonderful range of yarns and other goodies. When you leave there with a map/ brochure of the tour, you can pick which way to proceed. Good Fibrations store is in Edgewood on Marietta Court at Old Route 66, next to China Chef restaurant.

One of the "must's' is, if you don't stop and eat at China Chef right then, you need to come back and eat, or take something home before you come back into town.

The next "have to visit" on my list is Milagro Moon Ranch. Cynthia and Jim have a great place and are warm and welcoming to visitors. I was privileged to get one of their cria fleeces several years ago and it's beautiful - white and soft and a joy to spin. BTW, they will have a booth at the Taos wool Festival this year. Visit their website and get more information.

Two new favorites of mine are Square Hole Ranch and Rancho Baltazar in McIntosh south of Moriarty, NM. It's really not too far from Edgewood to these two places and they are close together. Such beautiful fiber! I bought 2 fleeces at the first place and several of my friends bought angora and other goodies at the second.

I have more to talk about, but this should do it for now. I have to bring my notes so I have the right information with me.

I'll leave you with the picture of the basket I won from the Tour. I was SO surprised -I never thought I would win. It's so filled with goodies -I need to bring the list so I can give the proper credit.