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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Santuario de Chimayo on Good Friday "Lourdes of the Southwest"

I went to Chimayo on Good Friday to videotape a medical team that was standing by at the Sanctuary.
I've lived in New Mexico all my life and had never been there at Easter time.
The "Faithful" walk to Chimayo on Good Friday and/or during Holy Week as a pilgrimage. There were thousands of people on the road this year. Some walk from Albuquerque or farther. Albuquerque is about 90 miles south of Chimayo.
They walk for all sorts of reasons: the memory of loved ones who have passed on, a prayer to be healed, an act of faith and gratitude to God and Jesus...

It was very moving.

I found myself praying for the people all the way there and back.
The man in the wheelchair going uphill, climbing 1,000 ft. from the highway, in obvious pain, who refused any help from his family for the approx. 15 miles it takes to get to the sanctuary from the main road.
The great grandmother with her walker holding her son's arm walking behind her granddaughter who was pushing the baby in the stroller.
The teenage girl with the cast on her leg on crutches, sweat pouring down her face, and her t-shirt said, "Jesus Didn't Tap Out!"
So many people, so many cars, so much respect: care taken to make sure the walkers didn't have to step off the road when there was no shoulder to walk on, drivers so patient, averaging 5 miles an hour on a road that usually takes 15 minutes that took- that day- an hour & 45 minutes. Not a honk, not angry word, no one passing the cars in line, no road rage....

I am so grateful for the opportunity.

To see a glimpse of this beautiful place go to this link.

Come see it sometime, stand in the chapel and feel the energy.
It is truly sacred ground.