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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DD's Birthday

What a busy month this has been. So much activity, different things to do and a break in my routines.

My DD's birthday was the 6th and we had a very quiet celebration. She did get to change her hair color which she'd wanted to do for a while. And got the game she asked for -late but that's how the paychecks roll.

I am so proud of her - she passed all her classes this semester and will be in her final year in school in August. she worked hard, took it seriously and it paid off.

In knitting news, I have several projects that are not going well for various reasons.

The snood is too small and will have to be ripped and started over.

The EZ Baby Surprise sweater is off in stitch count after the increases at about row 58 - not a problem till 5 rows later - then I tried to "fix it." I have to rip it back now.
You know, I think I'd be able to remember this since I've made -what? 3? 4? of these sweaters?
Nope -I'm stuck in the same places again. Sigh.

I have started a new mohair shawl. Gorgeous yarn, simple simple pattern. I don't know if this one will be for sale or me. Maybe I'll bead the edge of this one.

Socks from a Deborah Norville yarn, Serenity Sock yarn - bamboo, nylon, superwash merino ; I believe, and on 1 (ONE) circular needle. So far, So good.

Pictures soon.

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