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Monday, December 19, 2005

More FO's

Ok the last two Christmas Requests are DONE!!!!!!!!

Now on to Fuzzy Feet for me in Fuschia and Teal. And a So-Called Scarf, and work on my Paisley shawl and finish Joel's socks and cast on another pair of socks and Koigu, Cherry Tree Hill and Mountain Colors, and Lorna's Laces and there's more that comes to mind that's waiting to be socks, but, Really! and finish my sweater -jacket started way back in July and knit on the Cosy Shawl and a mohair scarf a'la Meg who shared her pattern with me when I was sick. And there's a Sonnet Sweater to knit for spring/summer and I could go on, but I think I'm getting as stressed out as I did working on the deadlines for Christmas, so I'll stop for now. Ahhhhh, wheeeeeeewwwwwww. ; )

Maybe, Maybe Not.

It occurs to me that maybe I put pictures of my found family on my blog, and maybe not. I have a pic way back in my archives of the reunion two years ago, but I was telling a friend about this picture.

So in chronological order: Della, Herb, Dovie, Danny, Frank (or Frank & Danny), and the babies are my brother, Joe and me. This was taken in early 1953(we were about 6 weeks old when adopted) outside Grandma and Grandpa Boone's homestead in Quemado.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

An Early Gift

The bag was beautiful by itself. She dyed the yarn with kool-aid and only the wool content took the color. Really nice for decorating. I never know what to do with bags. But inside.........
Thank you, Thank you, Noelle!

You really cheered me up! I can't WAIT to start "My So-Called Scarf." This yarn is going to be beautiful to work with. Sadly, I have to delay gratification till I finish 2 more scarves. But THIS WEEKEND, WATCH OUT!

I'll be videotaping houses, Christmas Shopping and Knitting!!!!!!

Do I have enough !!!!'s?

I cast on one scarf last night and will probably finish it today. That leaves one for tomorrow. And then the flowers hah, hah.

I just caught a glimpse of a cute hat on a girl on a Capital One commercial. I'll have to watch and see if I can see it better.

I haven't worked on a hat in Months. Hmmm.

That's it for now. Knit Group tonight. YaY!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Fuzzy Feet Done. 'Want more, more, more!

Oh man, I love these! I only used 1 skein of Lamb's Pride. This is SO neat! Noelle was absolutely right. If I could knit all day I could get pretty close to the whole pair done in one day.

The recepient(sp?) of these is going to have to felt 'em themselves.We're having a sock exchange this week at work and these are ready for giving. :)

I wonder what they'd look like knitted with Manos? .......Kidding, I'm kidding. : )

Xmas Party Goodies!

Last night was the Christmas Party for the Saturday knit group, Knitters Not Quitters. It was fun! Emma went all out and opened her home to us. She recently moved into this house and it's just nice as can be.
The woodstove in the living room was just perfect to sit next to and knit. This is what I got from our exchange.

The bag is so cool and much bigger than it looked folded up.
I LOVE the stitch markers!
N got carried away, but I'm going to enjoy using these always. Thank you, N, and Thank You Emma.

We all had a great time. : )

Thursday, December 08, 2005

2 Posts in One Day. I've been tagged again!

I've been tagged again by Jenny for a fun MEME. I'll git'er dunnn this week. : )

Update on Knitting

You know, there are times when I think I never get anything done. I feel like I have all these projects to do and I've started them but I'm not finishing fast enough.

Then I go to knitting group to just knit like crazy and show my knitting friends what I've finished. The responses were "Wow, that's alot!" "You're a machine!" "You got a lot done!" Etc.

Boy, did I EVER need to hear that. Thank you to my knitting group(s) for the acknowledgement and confirmation that I. am. a. knitter. : ) Wooooo, hooo!

So here are pictures of the scarf garden. I've made 6 scarves already and have two more to go. The first one's picture is in a previous post.

And closeups of the centers:

So on to another project:
Fuzzy feet slippers for a sock exchange for my work Christmas party. Cast on today and I need to be done with them for the 14th. I'm promised that they don't take long at all. Auuggghhhh!
These are going to be really nice in Lamb's Pride Tahiti Teal. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I want some too.

That's all for now.

Oh, wait.


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