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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here it is...

the end of September and I haven't posted. The beginning of each semester is busy for me when I teach 5 classes in addition to working full time.

...Aussie Girl in Albuquerque went back "down under" last week. We were so sad to see her go, but happy that she's going home and back to a job that respects her -unlike her job here. Our knitting groups were blessed and enriched by her presence, and I, for one, Miss Her.

We have all determined that Australia needs to be on our visit lists so we can see her again. I hope she liked her surprise.

Work is crazy - busy- and just crazy. I don't want to talk about it. Maybe never again.

My son, my son is doing well in higher education. He got a scholarship, grant and work study so he's set for the next two semesters. He signed a delayed entry into the Marines. August '08. He can change his mind before that.
I'm so proud of him -I want him to succeed at whatever he wants to do.

Knitting is TA,Da...
I turned the heels on my Austerman Step Socks. I'm on the home stretch. YaY!!!!!!
I have some other things starting for Christmas, so extreme closeups and no specifics for awhile.

I got my invitation from Ravelry -but I want a better name for my username than what I have now. I don't know, I'm having a hard time thinking of something. I hope there's no deadline to sign up.
That's it for today.