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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Pictures, New Projects

So here's the bowl - vase I crocheted for the State Fair. I'm very pleased with it. It felted beautifully. I LOVE LAMB'S PRIDE BULKY!!!!!! I also like the orangey- brownish handspun stuff.

Noelle is right- it needs something blue(?) as an accent. I'm going to see if I can crochet a shape and felt that to go on it. It needs one or two for effect.

What do you think?

I'm casting on Xmas presents this week. I have hats, scarves, and I'm not sure what else to make.

I have an Irish Hiking scarf in wool and yak. Pretty cables and actually long enough with one skein. I 'm surprised about that.

I found some novelty wool and some lavender wool and yak yarn for a hat.

A swatch for a crocheted bolero has been started. Pooch is the yarn called for but I'm swatching Lion Brand Homespun. It seems to be making up the same although not as loopy or dimensionally fun.

Still trying to get the Paisley Shawl going. Way to go Shaila, you're doing great.:)

Tonight is knitting group. So Time to knit!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Finished Crocheted Bowl

Saturday's Group (Knitters Not Quitters) was amazing - I think I counted 15 people at our group this Saturday. Way to go, Us! That's really neat.

I finished the crocheted bowl for the State Fair. When I gave Noelle a
ride home we felted the bowl in her washer. It came out Great. Noelle
took pictures of the before - we forgot about after, but I'm taking
the camera home tonight.

While that was happening, we worked on a stitch pattern that was kind
of mystifiying.

If I remember correctly, it was fisherman's rib stitch. It started
with a preparation row of purl and then started the pattern. Purl 1 or
2, can't remember now, and then knit the next stitch through the
stitch below, purl 2, knit in the stitch below. Etc. It took me awhile
to figure it out particularly since the pattern instructions had you
doing it in purl as well (right, Noelle? It was late, gimme a break. I
have CRS [can't remember squat]:}). Anyway we went to another
source: The Knit Encyclopedia (or some such name) and found the
directions in that book. For some reason that was easier to follow and
I got the stitch down. Noelle was able to get it too. What seemed SO
COMPLICATED turned out to be pretty simple once you know what to
look for.

After that, she showed me the stitch for her Manos "My So-Called
Scarf". Cool stitch -I hope I can remember it today. I think it was way more complex than the Fisherman's Rib. It's funny how one stitch will seem to click for us and another one will just kick our b___'s (brains) until we figure it out!

My suggestion for ALL knitters and crocheters- if and when you can afford it, and when you find a book of just stitches that you like, BUY IT. You can refer to it forever and when you have nothing better to do(HA,Ha,like in January when all the gifts are done, hee, hee, ho ,ho) and just want to knit, you can pick stitches from the book and just knit swatches or dishcloths or washcloths. It's a quick and satisfying activity and you learn something new.

Noelle also knits washcloths and dishcloths between big projects just
to feel that sense of accomplishment that we all want and need
sometimes [SUCH A GOOD IDEA]. PLUS she has great dishcloths and small gifts ready to give.

I have found some of my favorite stitch books at thrift stores and
used book stores. The library, too, but you have to give those back.

Not fair. :)

Hopefully, Noelle will email the pics of my bowl before and I'll have the after's tomorrow. I think she's right about my bowl needing blue- I found a turquoise necklace that I tried with it- no, not quite. A bolo tie of my dad's? Closer, but still no cigar I don't think. I'll take pics of those, too.

I'm going to try the teal Lamb's Pride Noelle gave me and felt something to put on the bowl, but what? Maybe a big bobble or two that would felt into "chunks of turquoise"? No flowers, I'm afraid. Hmmm, any ideas? I'm open.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the Nothing is Sacred category.

Would you look at this? Just LOOK at this : go down the page to my Tomorrow, I promise entry. I got 3 comments. I thought, Oh wow, someone really was interested in my blog. But, nooooooooo, of Course Not! I GOT SPAMMED IN MY COMMENTS!!!!!!!!

Of all the scumbag things to do. I woudn't buy your stock if YOU paid me the 15 cents a share, or $10,000.00 a share.

DON'T SPAM MY COMMENTS or I will report you. I might do that anyway. You've gotten on my last nerve!

The New Project


I knitted this last week. I found out a friend's mom works in NICU and she can take them there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tomorrow, I promise!

I have pics and news and knitting to talk about. Tomorrow, I promise!

Great Blog site _ I have some of these patterns......

You Knit What??

I put this and another site on my side bar, but I have to tell you- these are just too funny.
*ducks head and looks at floor as she says this* I will admit to having some of these patterns or the same era, complete with bad photography and yarn. And, and, erm, Yes! I've thought about making a couple in nice yarn and other colors. Ok! I admit it. :)