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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

IWC, I 'm Comin' After All.

Well, I am indeed going to IWC. Thanks to S who is generous enough to charge her card and let me pay her in August.
I had planned to go for a long time. I thought I wouldn't go since I had to pay for Jacy's wrist and summer school and Joel's trip in June. But I think it's going to work out. is the site for the conference.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A completely finished object gone to its new owner.

The baby sweater and hat are off to their wearer. No new pics due to no camera. The hat came out really cute. I knit a white edge in seed stitch and the rest in yellow like the sweater. I put 4 tassels on the top of the hat instead of the dreaded pom-pom.
She should be able to wear the hat Long after the sweater is outgrown.
The lady on the bus thought it was really cute. I hope her daughter thinks it's cute enough for the baby.

My favorite of DD's haircolors in the last 2 months.

In other news - DD broke her wrist on Sunday the 1st. It got a cast Monday the 9th -finally. Hundreds of $ and ortho surgeon consults later, she's on the mend. No surgery, thank god, or we'd be out on the streets.
So, no $, no gas for the car, no extra pay for the classes I'm teaching till August.
That means probably no vacation/business trip for me, no spinning workshop, probably, unless I can sell my mother's silver, a computer monitor, a tv and a spinning wheel. Anyone interested? Let me know.